Amit Sarker
I am Amit Sarker.
I am from Bangladesh.
From play group to class five I studied in "The Moon Light Pre-Cadet School" and "Gulak Chandra Govt. Primary School". From 6th grade to 10th grade I was in "Bajitpur H. A. R. Pilot Model High School".
From 11th to 12th I was in Tejgaon College.
In 2015 I started my graduation at "University Of Asia Pacific" in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
But for some reason I dropped out from University.
For now, I am just solving problems for Competitive Programming.
I've been a problems setter for several contests.
I can code with C,C++,Java and C#. I am familiar with HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4 and Database Management System.
I started writing this blog to spread my knowledge.
My Codeforces and Online Judge (Uva) Username: Peregrine_Falcon
You can find regular update about this blog in this facebook page: Facebook Page
My facebook profile.